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                      WP3                           e. Medical & e.Health Programs
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Professional Diploma & Master Study modules

 Creation the base for educating and training of a new generation of medical and healthcare staff, IT, engineering and research staff for innovative e-health to satisfy the needs of LE and EG Healthcare sittings (business). Study visits to partner and EU institutions are conducted. The draft of the modules will be discussed and developed. ECTS grading.  


Zineldin & Vasichva E.Health book  IG

The objective of development of the new integrated professional short term (6 months) and long term (one year) study/diploma program in Medical informatics and e-Health is to provide top-quality university multidisciplinary education and training program.


The new modules will be accredited and approved by the relevant faculty/university committees in LEG and some of these courses will be integrated into the regular education programs.


Those enrolled to the program will attend 6 basic modules (BM1 – BM6) and gain certificates approved and recognized by the relevant faculty and university- equal to between 30- 120 ECTS. There will be a research project in cooperation between university staff and medical and healthcare professional. Application for the approval of the ministry of higher education. Participants can also attend single non-degree courses.

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