WP4:In-service training (IST)

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IST for the best care

Development of in-service lifelong learning training (LLT) program (4 modules: ISM1-ISM4) in the area of e-Health innovative Medical/health/IT/engineering. Equal to 20 ECTS. Learning outcomes:


A. Thorough knowledge of the general principles of E-Health policies, ethics, equity & legal issues,


B. Understanding of the complex E-Health systems which are unique in their operations and possesses;


C. In-depth enterprise-university knowledge practical skills.


The in-service training program consists of 4 modules is delivered in both Lebanon and Egypt


ISM1. Information, Communication and Engineering Technologies (ICET) in Medical and Healthcare


ISM2. Computerization of Medical Records and E-Health services

ISM3. Medical Errors, Malpractice and Risk Management


ISM4. Through integrated E-Health system and visions into the future of Healthcare.

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