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Application of E-Health will facilitate efficient and high-quality care delivery, people-centered and continuous care, as well as proactive and preventive care.


 WP9 Management meeting Minutes 28/8/21

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Taking care of patient health by using e.Health 



  1.   Reinforcement and modernization of experiential education in health sciences curricula (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Nursing, allied health services, clinical psychology, etc.)

  2.  Introduction of inter-professional teaching and learning activities, including new joint In-service Inter-professional training and courses for all health sciences students.

  3.  Inter-professional collaboration student-led clinics (ICPC), the provision of comprehensive services to socioeconomically disadvantaged, poor, and elderly patients by multiple health providers who collaborate within and across healthcare settings, improve the healthcare system's efficiency, work environments, and patient safety outcomes.

  4.  Teaching competency development of academic staff and teacher practitioners/clinician-educators, including introduction of Training & Teaching Certificate in Health Professions Education (TTC-HPE) study program.

  5. To develop the Knowledge Triangle, innovation: Education-Research- health business web platform KTEIR for collaboration in developing and commercializing innovative PHC system and tools.

 The mission of the I C U- RERE project is to inforce A Knowledge Triangle (AKT) Approach to integrate Education, Research and Community (ERC) to provide timely e.health system focuses on the advances in technology that offer patients, practitioners, medical centres, and hospitals new and innovative options for high quality and cost effective e.medical and healthcare. The major four corner stones of the  ICU-RERE are C A R E:

  1. Creating of a new relationship between the healthcare sector (Industry), health professional and University (Education & Research) a true partnership, where decisions are made in a shared manner including training of physicians through online sources (continuing medical education)

  2. Achieve and Enhance high quality. E-health may enhance the quality of health care for example by allowing comparisons between different providers, involving patients’ additional power for quality assurance.

  3. Research and evidence based - e-health interventions should be knowledge and evidence-based in a sense that their effectiveness and efficiency should not be assumed but proven by rigorous scientific research and evaluation.

  4. Efficiency - one of the promises of e-health is to increase efficiency in health care, thereby decreasing costs by avoiding duplicative or unnecessary diagnostic or therapeutic interventions.


TalTech e.medicine Centre 


ICU project and COVID 19


Implementing the activities during time of social distancing      April 9th 2020

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The Coronavirus and COVID-19

information  by LNU


Fostering E-Health Education, Research and Innovation in Egypt & Lebanon  19 March 2020


Mrs. Diana Nahle represented MUBS in the “ICU- Knowledge Triangle, Innovation: Reinforcing of Education- Research E-Health and Medical Links” (Erasmus+ project) kick-off meeting hosted by October 6 University in Egypt on  10-11 February 2020.


  1. Healthcare sector Cooperation with  University  to establish the triangle University-Enterprise e.Health Centers

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2. e.Health Diplomma/   Masters 

   & other short term studies 

 3. Establishing of EU- Partner             universities triangle Platform         for Research & Education,                    consultation and training


  4     Academic & non-academic capacity 

         Building and training  by e-health

         technologists and e- medical clinic            specialists 

 5    In-service training  including                      health  plans consultation 


Internal monitoring report for 2020- 10/2/2021

Mobile eHealth or mHealth broadly encompasses the use of mobile telecommunication as IPhones, network, and multimedia technologies as they are integrated within mobile and wireless health care delivery systems for better healthcare.

e.Health & Mobile

ICU zoom meeting with WP leaders April 16, 2020 03:00 PM Stockholm

Lebanese NEO's newsletter  01/04/2020 
As LNU representing by Dr. Mosad Zineldin is also the grant holder for another Erasmus+ Project on Digitalization; we are pleased to disseminate the NEO´s latest news letter. 

 The first virtual monitoring of  ICU-RERE project ICU-RERE in Lebanon - Tuesday 24 November at 11:00 am. 

First internal quality evaluation report  of kick-off meeting February 2020

Our partner University TalTech provides  a Master of HCT, We hope that Leaders of WPs 3, 4 & 5 can find one or some relevant courses that would be helpful for preparing the study modules and other trainings etc.nn.  April 18,2020

ICU-RERE Centers





> 13/10/2020

E-Medicine Centre (eMedLab)  at the partner University TalTech (5)

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 Dissemination report by CESIE 23/8/2021